Friday, 8 January 2010

New Year Seminarians' Gathering at the House of Formation

A Reflection by Seminarian John Millar (Holy Trinity & St George, Kendal)

Over the weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd January the seminarians of our diocese gathered in Cleator. Scattered across England’s seminaries and different parishes of the diocese they do not get much opportunity to come together with one another. Braving the snow and ice they travelled to the far west of the Diocese meeting for lunch at the Priory on Saturday. This was the last chance for our seminarians to do this until Easter as they returned to their formation in the seminaries during the following week.

Such moments of coming together are important in the life of the seminarian so that they may maintain a link to their own diocese and its brotherhood of priests even though often living far away (one even as far as Rome). For many of them it was also a chance to catch up with old acquaintances formed when they lived at Cleator during their pre-seminary (propaedeutic year) year. More than that being in the parish again was a reminder of the people God has called them to serve.

Please keep your seminarians in your prayers as we continue to discern our vocation to serve God and His Church.