Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cathedral Vestments Festival

Our Cathedral is currently hosting a stunning exhibition of liturgical vestments, many of which have been borrowed from parishes across the Diocese. The use of vestments reminds us of an important truth: the priest in the liturgy does not stand for himself, but represents another. By wearing vestments, he is reminded that his role is to represent Christ the Head.   
The different colours of the vestments used in the liturgy reminds us that the priest shares in every aspect of the lives of God's people: from great feast days to solemn funerals, the priest walks alongside the community that God calls together. 
Among the different colours, the vestments on display are also of different ages and different styles: a sign of both the unity and the diversity of the Catholic Church.
Some of the vestments displayed have played a special role in the life of the Diocese. These vestments, for example, were first used at the episcopal ordination of our Bishop.
 Another sign of the unity and diversity of the Church: these vestments are worn in the Ukrainian Catholic Church.
And on this cope, a reminder that the one who is privileged to represent Christ in the liturgy is always called to make sacrifices. In this image we see the martyrdom of St Robert Southwell, a Jesuit priest who was martyred at Tyburn, London, in 1595. The Vestments Festival, which is free to enter, remains open at the Cathedral until Sunday.