Could it be me?

Any Catholic man who is unmarried may be considered for the priesthood. The man himself and the Church work together to discover the individual’s calling.

The qualities of a man called to priesthood, and the signs of a priestly vocation, include:

  • Faithfully living day-to-day life as a member of the Church
  • Being a man of prayer, love for the Eucharist and the sacrament of reconciliation
  • Love for God and a desire to serve Him in the Church
  • A desire to celebrate Mass and the other sacraments
  • An ability to relate well to others
  • An openness to formation
  • A love for the Church
  • Willingness to embrace a celibate way of life

A call to the priesthood can come at a young age, or much later in life. Usually the call comes in the form of an interior desire to serve God in this way. It can often be hard to describe or understand, yet it does not go away. Sometimes others will encourage a man to consider priesthood, and this can also be a sign of a vocation.