How do I discern?

The best first step in this, sometimes difficult process, is to follow the words of the Lord said to those whom He calls in Scripture, “Be not afraid!” Whether it was an angel announcing good news, or Christ speaking to His disciples, God’s first words are often “Be not afraid!” once you are open to hearing the Lord speak to your heart, the process of discernment can begin.  Discernment must involve prayer, the willingness to seek out quiet in an otherwise noisy world, a desire to know God’s will for your life. All men should be open to the fact that God may be calling them to serve Him as one of His priests.

Discernment can never be done alone, it must always have a communal and ecclesial dimension, because no vocation in the Church is ever “private”. Why not contact  one of the team who will be able to help you discern your vocation in life?


For more information and guidance contact one of the team:

Vocations Director:

Fr Darren Carden

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Assistant Vocations Director:

Fr John Millar

The Rectory

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