What is a priest?

A Good Human Being 

A priest is the human instrument of Jesus the Good Shepherd. He can only be a really good priest if he is a good human being. This means he must have certain basic human qualities. Words which come to mind are ‘ordinary’, ‘normal’, ‘balanced’ and ‘mature’. There are all kinds of problems about defining what these mean, and they are open to being abused, but there is a down-to-earth common-sense understanding of what is expected.

When people are asked about the human qualities needed in a priest, certain ones are almost always near the top of the list: he must be friendly and approachable, caring, understanding, considerate, generous, sensitive, a good listener, patient, forgiving, reliable and well-mannered. In other words, he must have a deep love for people, and be able to show that love.

He has to be someone who can relate comfortably with the wide range of people who will be entrusted to his care as a priest. This means people of all ages, nationalities, different backgrounds, both men and women. This ability to be at ease with other people, to reach out to them and communicate with them, is absolutely essential for any priest. We are all different; some are quieter by nature, others more outgoing. There is room in the priesthood for all. But no one can be a true shepherd who finds it really difficult to know his flock and be known by them.

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