What is a Priest?

A balanced person

The word ‘balanced’ is a vital one! The Church is looking for men of ordinary human maturity. What is expected depends of course on your age: more will be expected of you if you are 30 than if you are 18. The priesthood is a strenuous and exacting ministry. It requires reasonably good physical health, but also mental and emotional stability. We are all disabled in one way or another, in mind, body or spirit: it is a matter of seeing if you can really cope with the stresses and strains, the burdens and demands of the priesthood. A strength of character is required, and a fair share of determination and courage, as well as a good and normal sense of humour!


Reasonable intelligence

A teaching ministry is central to the priesthood, and a priest has to be properly equipped for preaching and teaching in many ways. The Church expects its priests to be people of reasonable intelligence, with a good basic education as a foundation. Dioceses vary as to what they require. Some academic achievement up to GCSE and A-level is the usual standard for young people, but age and experience will be taken into account. The bishop will want to see that you can cope with priestly formation. What matters above all is that you will be able to grasp and faithfully pass on the Good News and the Church’s teaching.

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