Today's Saint


St Jerome

St. Jerome was a Christian who lived in the fourth and fifth centuries. He spent long years of his life in a cave at Bethlehem. There he prayed, studied and translated the Bible. He taught many people how to serve God, and he wrote a great many letters and books to explain the faith. 

His father instructed him in the Christian faith, but sent him to a pagan school. There St. Jerome grew to love pagan writings and lost some of his love for God. In the company of a group of Christians with whom he became good friends, his heart was turned completely to God. He was baptised as a young adult.

As a young man decided to live alone in a wild desert. Four years he lived a life of prayer and penance, struggling against temptations. He learned Hebrew and wrote a biography of St. Paul of Thebes. He became such a great scholar of Hebrew that he could later translate the Bible into Latin, and made many people able to read and understand the Bible. After this time in the desert, St. Jerome went to Antioch and was ordained a priest. He went to Constantinople to study scripture and then to Rome where he revised the Latin version of the Gospels.

St Jerome died in Bethlehem in 420. He is a Doctor of the Church.