Reflection by Stephen Talbutt Palm Sunday

‘…Who is Jesus.’

We call him the Son of God, but is it just a name, do we really think about what this entails? The creator who became part of His creation, it’s unthinkable, it would be like Van Gogh becoming one of his paintings, not creating it but becoming it.  The God who created everything the billion stars and galaxies innumerable planets, every blade of grass and every hair on our heads became one of us. Today we celebrate Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy week, Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem.  It seems fickle the crowd welcoming Him into the city throwing Palms on the ground in front of Him, and in a few days He would be arrested and executed in order to placate the crowds.  Jesus knew this was going to happen but he went to Jerusalem anyway.  Everything Jesus did meant something, He didn’t enter Jerusalem on a big warhorse the conquering hero, he entered Jerusalem on a donkey, traditionally entering a city on a donkey was a sign of peace and humility.  This was Jesus message, this is who Jesus is, He is “Peace and humility”.  I think I will spend this Holy week reflecting on who Jesus is, and trying to be a reflection of Jesus in the world. 

‘Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!’