Give it time

You may be young or not so young. You may be involved with studies, or working, or unemployed. Perhaps you have recently been received into full communion with the Catholic Church, or you have had a deep religious experience and feel God has entered your life in a special way.

Something deep inside you suggests that Jesus may be calling you to be a priest. You are not sure why, and you have all kinds of doubts and worries about the whole idea. Discovering your true vocation is rather like falling in love; you will go through a whole range of emotions, ups and downs, moments of commitment and moments of hesitation.

The whole seminary experience itself will be a journey of discovery, a time of discernment and that lies in the future. Do not make a decision in a hurry. Be patient with yourself and with those who are trying to help and advise you. Give yourself time to reflect and discuss.

Stay close to the Lord and to others Make sure that during this time you stay close to the Lord you seek to follow. Let him be your companion on the way you are journeying. Your family and friends can also be a real support at this time. Even if they are not happy with the idea of you becoming a priest, do not cut yourself off from them. You will also need the support of your local parish community or chaplaincy. As people who know you and care about you, they can help you in the whole process of finding your future.