Promoting Vocations

Every Christian is called to help others live the life that God plans for them: therefore every Christian is a vocations promoter! This means giving people space to listen to God and genuine support in following His will.

Here are some basic points about how to promote vocations:

  • Pray for vocations, especially to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life
  • Remember that every Christian is called by Jesus to follow Him in life-long commitment, and every particular vocation grows out of this calling
  • Remind others that each of us has been created by God for a definite purpose
  • Encourage one another to consider the possibility of a particular call to the serve the Lord. Support those who express a calling.
  • Be willing to suggest priesthood, diaconate or religious life to those who might have a vocation. Your voice could plant the seed which could bear much fruit!
  • Support and pray for our seminarians and priests

If you are part of a group or organisation or work in a school or other institution in the diocese, please feel free to contact the Vocations Service for specific ideas about how to promote vocations in your setting. We may also be able to provide appropriate resources for you to use. Further information is also available on other sites – via our ‘Links’ page.