What is a priest?

Priests bring Christ to the world in a unique way. Called by Him, they try to be living signs of His presence; they teach people about God; they continue Jesus’ work in the sacraments of the Church.

Every priest is called to be the human face of God’s love and mercy in the world today.

Jesus appointed apostles to continue His ministry after He had returned to heaven. Through the laying on of hands and the prayer of consecration, this ministry – and the authority to act in Jesus’ name – has been handed on through each generation. In this way, priests today do the same sort of work that Jesus Himself did, the work we read about in the Gospel.

No priest is perfect – we are all human! – but the grace of God works through the priest in a unique way, so that Jesus may be truly present in His Church, just as He promised:

I am with you always, to the end of time
— Matthew 28:20